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Resources for Little Cherry & X-disease management 2022

Multiple resources are available on symptoms, scouting, and sampling for Little Cherry & X-disease to encourage effective tree removal and management.

Resource pages:

X-disease phytoplasma

Little cherry virus

Symptoms Gallery

Vector Gallery

Symptoms and Sampling

Symptoms of Little Cherry Virus and X-disease Phytoplasma

X-disease and Little Cherry Virus Scouting and Sampling Guide

Scouting and sampling video

Symptoms of X-disease Phytoplasma in Stone Fruit

New App for Little Cherry and X-disease Symptom and Insect Scouting. To download the App search for ‘Little Cherry Scouting Guide’ in your App store. Or for an apple version click here or for Android version click here.

Where to send samples

Labs testing for Little Cherry Virus and X-disease Phytoplasma

How to interpret the lab results

What does the X-disease/Little Cherry Disease Test Results Numbers Means in Terms of Disease Progression?

Understanding your X-disease, Little Cherry Disease Test Results

Resources in Spanish

Fitoplasma X (Western X)

Virus de la Cereza pequeña (LChV)

X-disease and Little Cherry Virus Scouting and Sampling Guide

Síntomas de Fitoplasma X y Little Cherry Virus

Virus de la Cereza pequeña (LChV) Harper, Bixby Brosi, Beers, DuPont. Traducido Bernardita Sallato, April 2021

Enfermedad de la cereza pequeña en cerezos. Video. B. Sallato.

Síntomas de Fitoplasma X en Frutas de Hueso. Naranjo, R., Molnar, C., DuPont, S.T., Harper, S. Oct, 2020.

Additional resources

Grape Mealy Bug

Apple Mealy Bug

BMPs for tree removal for X disease and Little Cherry Virus infected trees

Cherry Prunus spp. X-Disease 


Corina Serban, WSU Extension (509) 574-1595

Tianna DuPont, WSU Extension (509) 293-8758

Bernardita Sallato, WSU Extension (509) 439-8542

Washington State University