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Tree Fruit News – Fruit Matters, April 2023


Spring Nutrient Management: Considerations for 2023

How can we determine if additional nitrogen is needed?

Honeycrisp Virutal Meetups Takeaways

In this article, we review the key questions answered by experts about managing crop load, nutrition, rootstocks, and harvest for Honeycrisp.
Cherry leaves appearing pale green in color.; apple orchard with vigorous dark green growth.

Nutrient Management in Sweet Cherries

In perennial fruit trees, most nutrient uptake occurs between bloom and rapid vegetative growth. Sweet cherry root growth starts when soil temperatures reach approximately 59 F during spring, usually after bloom in Washington soils. In…
arrows pointing to clear gummosis in bark

Bacterial canker in Washington sweet cherries

Written by Bernardita Sallato C., Gary Grove and Alexandra Johnson, Washington State University, August 2021. Reviewed by Dr. Frank Zhao, January 2022. Bacterial canker in sweet cherries is caused by the bacterium Pseudomonas syringae pv….
lacewing larva on leaf

Current Guidelines for Releasing Natural Enemies

Releases of purchased natural enemies can be an effective way to organically manage arthropod pests. Find out how to optimize your investment in this management tactic.
Trechnites insidiosus

Trechnites Insidiosus: What you need to know about this pear psylla natural enemy

Schmidt-Jeffris taught a group of 68 growers and consultants about Trechnites a key parasitoid of pears at a recent November workshop. Trechnites insidiosus is the main parasitoid of pear psylla often reducing pear psylla numbers…

Plan for Multiple Fire Blight Conditions, Be Agile

Make a plan now to be ready to prevent fire blight in your orchard this year.
soil health principles info-graphic

So you want to measure your soil health

With increased awareness comes pressure and incentive to measure soil health on farms, which is great! Researchers and farmers alike want to know where the soil stands in terms of soil health. But soil health…
LabPod with apples

Storage of Organic Apples

Written by Marcella Galeni, Washington State University–Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center and Carolina Torres, Washington State University–Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center, Wenatchee. Organic apple production in Washington represented 13% of the total harvest…
four pictures - trees, eggs on branch, adult on bud, and an adult and predator bug on a beat tray

Spring Pear Psylla Update April 2023

Stay up-to-date on pear pest monitoring data, decision support resources, and upcoming projects.
Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission logo

2023 WA Tree Fruit Research Commission Grant Awards for Apple Crop Protection

The WA Tree Fruit Research Commission approved $121,457 to help fund five (5) new Apple Crop Protection projects for 2023.
Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission logo

2023 WA Tree Fruit Research Commission Grant Awards for Apple Horticulture and Postharvest

The Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission approved $562,722 to help fund seven (7) new Apple Horticulture and Postharvest projects for 2023.
logo from PACMAN sessions

SCRI PACMAN Briefings Webinar Recordings

PACMAN Briefings recordings are now available.
International Society for Horticultural Science logo

International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) Hort Forum

The International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) has established a new ISHS Horticulture Debate series called “Hort Forum”. According to the organizers, the idea is to have webinars followed by panel discussions and open questions…


Honeycrisp Meetup: Crop Load Part 1

Honeycrisp Meetup: Crop Load Part 1. Introduction to the Honeycrisp Meetup Series developed in collaboration with Cornell Cooperative Extension, Michigan State University Extension and Washington State University Extension. Part 1. Terence Robinson, Cornell University talks…
Biopesticide efficacy and use thumbnail

Biopesticides: Efficacy and Use

With increasing organic acreage and scrutiny of antibiotics use, alternatives to antibiotics for the control of fire blight are necessary. Dr. Ken Johnson, Oregon State University, talked about biopesticide efficacy and their use for the…


WA 64 Spring Field Tour

Join Kate Evans, Stefano Musacchi and Bernardita Sallato who will introduce the new apple variety WA 64 in two field tours. Learn what we know so far about this new apple and how to grow…


Agricultural Leadership Program

Apr 28 | Wenatchee Valley College

WA 64 Spring Field Tour

May 16 | WSU ROZA Orchard

WA 64 Spring Field Tour

May 24 | WSU ROZA Orchard

Fire Blight Webinar Series: Fire Blight Pruning and Sanitation

Jun 13 | Virtual


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Fruit Matters April 2023 was edited by Jodi Rinaldi Harms and Bernardita Sallato, WSU Extension

Washington State University