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Orchard Pest Management

A Resource Book for the Pacific Northwest

Edited by Elizabeth H. Beers, Jay F. Brunner, Michael J. Willet, and Geraldine M. Warner. Original publication by Good Fruit Grower, Yakima, WA. 1993.

Orchard Pest Management provides a practical reference on tree fruit IPM. Insect hosts, life stages, life histories, damage, monitoring, biological control, and management are described for most major and minor pests in orchards as well as major natural enemies. This information is designed to be used in combination with the WSU Crop Protection Guide and WSU Decision Aid System to inform integrated pest management decisions.

Table of Contents

Some of the more notable pests are listed on the main navigation menu for quicker access. All of the tree fruit pests, as well as beneficial insects and natural enemies are listed below.

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Direct Pests

Indirect Pests

Natural Enemies and Beneficial Insects

Predatory Neuroptera

Other predators

This publication was based on work supported by the Extension Service, US Department of Agriculture under special project number. 91-EPMP-1-0002. Additional support was provided by the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission. Migration of the older online version of the Orchard Pest Management was paid for in part by the Tree Fruit Endowment.

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